Geeky Pictures

While playing with my new digital camera I was snapping various pictures around the house. Here are some of the more geeky ones. They are very out of date by now.

The pile o'computers

A pile of computers

This is a pile of computer equipment that doesn't get used along with some other assorted junk. Bonus points if you can identify everything.

The Parts for the stuff above

Cupboard full of computer parts

This is more computer stuff. Mostly spare parts and accessories.

Another Pile

A messy workbench

Another pile of outdated computer parts on top of an ancient video game (Scramble - It's a side scrolling shoot things game)..


LAN Closet

My home LAN, located in the cabinet with the phone and power. The DSL modem, router and switch are all there. Some fancy phone wiring allows 1 DSL filter to work for the whole house.

The Workbench

A messy workbench

This is my workbench which has a computer and some stuff from my electroncs hobby on it.

The Desk

A messy desk

My main desk, in its usual state of disorder.

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