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This is some stuff I did for the Amiga a long time ago. I no longer support any of these programs, as I haven't done much Amiga programming in a while. They should mostly also be available on Aminet. I have included Aminet links where they exist. The TI-85 realted stuff can also be found on

Local alink85.lha - Aminet alink85.lha
This is software to transfer files between an Amiga and a Texas Instruments TI-85 calculator. It only supports the $4 serial cable (and maybe the TI 'black cable').
This converts ISO Latin 1 text to TI-85 Program files on the Amiga. Not teribly useful since you can't enter all the characters need for TI-85 programs, but it can be useful for entering notes.
The is an 'almost C' compiler for the TI-85 calculator, ported to the Amiga.
This is a patch for Linux/m68k that allows the XSurf's IDE interface to work. This is majorly out dated, I think all current Amiga Linux kernels have a variation of this patch.

TI-85 Stuff
This is a program for the TI-85 that calculates the Fourier Series of a periodic function. It is written in TI-85 Basic so is very slow.

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